Riva 1920 - When artisanal quality finds solid wood
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Riva 1920 – When artisanal quality finds solid wood

Riva 1920 has always made wood the fundamental element of its production, creating highly innovative products characterised by the widest customization possibilities.

To make some examples: the iconic Molletta Bench made by Baldessari and Baldessari and the Torre Lignea signed by Michele de Lucchi, timeless pieces able to combine the highest craftsmanship ability with the finest study of shapes, without despising innovation and experimentation.
A more enjoyable interpretation is the Pangea table: a solid wood table composed of 19 pieces of different shape assembled, like a giant puzzle, with the idea of creating the ancient continent.

A special finish combines two other products: the Pure chair designed by Matteo Thun – a unique element of solid wood in perfumed cedar – and the Dusk chaise longue signed by Karim Rashid, made of two symmetrical solid wood elements longitudinally aligned to form the seat.