sofas and polygonal tables. The VG New Trend proposals
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Lounge sofas and polygonal tables for the living room. The VG New Trend proposals

VG New Trend faces 2017 with a new furnishings proposals able to characterise the house’s environments with new sensations and vibrations in the everyday life.

The keyword is exaltation of matter, valued by simple forms full of great plastic expression, in a perfect mix where design, elegance and material expression converge to create unique products and strong personality. VG New Trend creates soft shapes and technological solutions for the Eve sofa, which fits in the living area in a sober way thanks to its neutral nuances, with soft shapes able to comfortably accommodate people in the wide polyurethane seats. The Eve Bag version inserts pockets in the armrests to give the idea of seating in a real purse.

Another interesting product is the Ruche coffee tables series,  ideally decomposable in hexagons and triangles used to make support surfaces and legs. The tables are available in three different materials: metal, marble and glass. The latter consists of two glass tops coupled with a thin layer of wood derived from the Venetian briquettes, oak poles traditionally used in theVenice’s Laguna for the navigable paths.