Soft sofas and chairs for offices and private studios - Alias Design
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Soft sofas and comfortable chairs for offices and private studios – Alias Design

Innovation, lightness and great design research in the field of materials are just some of the features of Alias Design, a Lombard longstanding company active in the field of international design since the 1970s. A state-of-the-art company able to remain up to date and eager to become a paradigm for the idea of astonishing design.

The prestigious collaborations with some of the most famous Italian and international designers, gave life to products with strong personality and unmistakable style. The Okome sitting system, signed by the partnership with the Nendo studio seems almost a game of volumes emulating the smooth stones of a river. Vertically and horizontally upholstered elements of different sizes can play freely forming new and casual configurations.

More stringent and technical are the shapes of the sofas and armchairs of the TT Soft series signed by the Argentine designer Alfredo Häberli. A metal frame is visible in the slender legs, topped by a thin upholstered seat from which raises an upholstered backrest , in continuity with the horizontal element.