Roberto Molteni - 20 years of Interior Decoration with Salvioni
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Roberto Molteni – 20 years of Soft Decoration

Interior Decoration


Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration is a company specialized in soft decoration, the art of decorating, or better dressing the home in its textile component to give each room a unique and personal touch. To better understand the importance of this practice, we asked its owner, Roberto Molteni, to talk better about his business.

What is Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration?

I have been collaborating for years with many Companies, Architects and Designers for the realization of everything concerning the textile part of many furnishings projects. Anyone who works like me in this sector knows that completing a furniture project gives to the house an unmistakable touch, making each environment extremely welcoming and unique. Often the importance of this decorative aspect is underestimated, but even a single personal touch in creating combinations of colors and materials between the individual furnishing components, makes the difference. I think that enhancing the textile part of a project is decisive to move from a mere beautiful house to one where the person who will live there will feel completely welcomed and at ease, perceiving all around him a tailor-made environment, perfect for his preferences and needs.

Is this why you created your company? To recreate the human scale houses?

As in fashion, I believe that homes should also be a bit like “tailor-made suits”. Furnishing is not simply the act of combining furniture and accessories, but to give voice to the passions of those who will inhabit sofas, beds and armchairs. The fabrics as well as the materials and the nuances of each piece are part of a whole that only then the eye (and the mind) will associate with the word Home. Think about your favorite dress. Would you still like it if you had another color? (Maybe the tone that you most hate?)

What is the focus of your company?

Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration deals mainly with fabrics, curtains, bed linen, bath, table, accessories such as decorative pillows and plaids, wall coverings in paper and fabric. Used organically and combined according to the customer needs (and taste), these elements become soft decoration.

What about the collaboration with Salvioni?

The collaboration with Salvioni was born about 20 years ago, on the occasion of a furnishing project managed by the architect Carlo Colombo, of which I was then consultant for the soft decoration part. In the same project there was an interior designer of Salvioni Design Solutions with whom, comparing myself, I started sharing ideas and projects.

Not long after, the first collaboration with the Brianza company was born, which later became a long-term partnership. Today, I can say that the two companies are proceeding firmly alongside each other for the realization of complex projects. Proof of this collaboration, Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration created in 2017 a collection completely dedicated to Salvioni Design Solutions, including an assortment of cushions, wallpaper, curtains and linens specifically designed to furnish the 6 floors of the Milanese showroom in Via Durini.

What can we expect from 2018?

Soon the Salvioni Milano Durini showroom will host a real showroom of fabrics, thus givingto the customers the opportunity to view not only the individual furnishing products but also the relative decorative combinations to make the offer more complete and satisfying.

And for the Fuorisalone?

On the occasion of the 2018 Fuorisalone, Roberto Molteni interior decoration will work side by side with Salvioni Design Solutions for the renovation of the exhibition spaces of the Salvioni Milano Durini Showroom with curtains, fabrics, cushions and much more. In addition, the company will collaborate in the setting up of a striking fabric wall made by the Kohro company that will present the latest creation of the exclusive “The Grand Design” collection.