Salvioni celebrates 2018 with the Luxury Living Group
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The new arrivals of 2018 – Luxury Living

Salvioni celebrates the new year with the launch of a new prestigious partnership with Luxury Living group, now worldwide synonymous of Italian style and taste, as well as spokespersons for some renowned high-end brands such as the Heritage collection, Bugatti Home and Ritz Paris Home Collection. The collaboration, which in the coming months will continue with several new arrivals whose style is intertwined with the world of fashion, began with the arrival at the Inverigo showroom of two beautiful environments, signed by Bentley Home and Trussardi Casa.

Unmistakable quality and style meet now the taste Salvioni enriching the company prestige and plurality furnishings solutions for every type of environment of the house. New additions include the Bradley table, the Eastgate sideboard, the Rugby Royce armchair and Harlette chairs signed by Bentley Home. For Trussardi Casa, instead, there is the Cherries floor lamp, the Larzia armchair, the Lizard rug, the Tosco coffee table, the Bondai table and the Relief sofa.

With this new entries, Salvioni offers to its customers the most refined range of products with a distinctly elegant and exclusive design, impossible to find if not in the Luxury Living collections.

Photo | Luxury Living Site