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Poltrona Frau | Il Bel Dormire

The search for the well-being, the comfort and the absolute pleasure of sleep come back with BEL DORMIRE by POLTRONA FRAU

Be fascinated by Poltrona Frau’s beds, designed to accommodate your sleep in the harmonious fusion of shape and materials.

The quality of the finest fabrics and leather, coupled with the traditional manufacturing of wood and steel, give life to the distinctive Frau design where every detail is tailor-made. The main goal is  “il bel dormire“, to ensure in other words a full and total well-being during the rest considered as a total, physical and mental state. Frau sleep is a fundamental status, characterized by its regenerating effect on the body and mind.

This beneficial aim, however, does not exclude a constant aesthetic search which for Poltrona Frau  means the study of covering mattresses and toppers with technical content and always innovative designs woven on tactile materials and refined details.