Authentic Living - the new collection of Riva 1920 and Lamborghini
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Authentic Living by Lamborghini and Riva1920 – The new set-up of Salvioni Milano Durini

Result of the successful combination of manual craftsmanship and cutting-edge production, of ancient tradition and robotics, Riva1920 and Lamborghini present the new Authentic Living collection demonstrating how opposites not only attract, but can also give life to real works of art.

The international designer Karim Rashid designed the products of this series using fluid and dynamic lines, projected to remember the aerodynamics of the Lamborghini cars and, at the same time, the solid elegance of the canturine company. The result is a soft and progressive design, projected to fascinate the eye and satisfy every request for comfort.

Thanks to the long-term collaboration between Salvioni Design Solutions and Riva1920, on the 12th October 2017, the Showroom of Salvioni Milano Durini hosted the presentation of the new collection, renewing its exhibition spaces with many pieces of Authentic Living and numerous other Riva1920 products. For the occasioni, were exhibited the KLIP desk, the FINESSE bookcase, the KLUTCH chair, the DYNAMIK sofa and the SPEED table. Among the cornerstones of the canturine company, wew exposed the MOLLETTA bench firmed by Baldessari e Baldessari, the CAMBUSA WINE  storage by Giuliano Cappelletti, the VENICE consolle of Claudio Bellini and the BEAM wooden table made of thousand-year old Kauri.

To guide the guests to the exhibition inside the showroom, Lamborghini has made available three cars, two of which are super dream cars: a Huracan Performante and an Aventador.