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Salvioni Milano Durini and the dialogue with the Barbara Paci Art Gallery

Since its inauguration in 2017, Salvioni Milano Durini has distinguished itself for the great attention paid not only to the world of design, but also to the art sector. Among its exhibition floors, it is not unusual to see works belonging to the Barbara Paci Art Gallery as a manifestation of how the world of furniture and creativity can not only talk to each other, but even coexist.

In a combination of great originality and versatility, Salvioni show works of great beauty such as the polymateric paintings by Lorenzo Malfatti, the quartz and mineral busts of Massimiliano Pelletti, the naturalistic and rich of ancestral symbolism drawings by Andrea Collesano and many others, alternating richly carved paintings with photographs, frames and statues. We also recall Sara Lovari with her polymaterial applications suspended between nineteenth-century books and geographical maps by Alessandro Busci for pictorial representations of great material and emotional impact.

Starting from this Christmas 2019, Salvioni has decided to intensify this collaboration by adding to its staff a figure specially dedicated to works of art, ready to best advise and illustrate to the smallest detail the peculiarities that led to the selection available inside the store.

Consultancy and great professionalism will therefore be the spokespersons of the new gallery of selected artists and great names that enrich the environments.