Lladrò and Salvioni Design Solutions | MDW 2023 - Salvioni
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Lladrò and Salvioni Design Solutions | MDW 2023

During the Milan Design Week 2023, Lladró presented its contemporary handcrafted porcelain in Milan. The Lladró Design line, which presents the brand’s most innovative projects and collaborations, was exhibited in the Salvioni Milano Durini concept store. The showroom, located in the heart of Milan at Via Durini 3, displayed a range of distinctive products, highlighting the brand’s innovative ideas and offering visitors a glimpse into Lladró’s creative and artisanal processes.
The presentation of the latest Lladró collections at Salvioni Milano Durini also aligns with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the brand that revolutionized the porcelain industry, demonstrating that the Valencian firm is still committed to breaking conventions and exploring new creative avenues. The history of Lladró is characterized by a series of exceptional pieces made with a natural material with immense expressive potential, the result of constant experimentation in search of new shapes, colours, textures and sources of inspiration.
The list of avant-garde Lladró Design pieces displayed in the Salvioni showroom is the result of a continuous dialogue between porcelain and design. The selection boasts a number of nature- and animal-themed series, as well as a world-renowned collaboration with Spanish artist Jaime Hayon.

Among the numerous works on display we mention the Origami Dragon, belonging to the Origami Collection, a tribute to the mysterious art of paper folding.

Other iconic pieces are the limited edition Lion Mask belonging to the Fierce Portraits Collection, the Owl from the Boldblack Collection, numerous specimens from the Insects Collection and the Parrot Party Collection, a precious example of a playful use of porcelain. Also interesting are the numerous specimens of the Face to Face Collection made up of toucans and numerous other birds represented in an almost caricatured version. However, the statuettes of the Guest collection are inevitable, a project that opens the doors to numerous artists called each to provide their own prestigious contribution in the creation of distinctive and highly evocative pieces.