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Salvioni Milano Durini | The new Qeeboo window

Salvioni Design Solutions presents a new prestigious display of the shop window in via Durini 3 created in collaboration with Qeeboo, the Milanese design brand founded by Stefano Giovannoni. A stone’s throw from the centre, the showroom once again welcomes a new style, offering the visitor a unique space with a highly original touch.

The unprecedented exhibition, characterized by a wallpaper created in collaboration with London Art and the New York artist Shantell Martin, known for her representative language that blends serpentine lines, parts of text and stylized drawings in black and white, offers visitors the opportunity to immerse for the next three months in the distinctively pop and colorful narrative world of Qeeboo.

The ad hoc wallpaper designed by Shantell Martin accompanies some icons of the Qeeboo brand – including the Ribbon armchair, the Kong lamps and the romantic Giraffe in Love – and a selection of products recently unveiled during the last Milan Design Week – in particular , the Koibuchi bookcase, the Saguaro coat stand and the Cobble collection.

The mingling of the worlds of Qeeboo and Shantell Martin gives a vibrant and engaging energy to an exhibition not to be missed!

Salvioni Design Solutions chose Qeeboo for the strength and incredible expressive power of its furnishing, born from the desire to dare and challenge the banal, the simple, the obvious. Captivating, unique and unconventional, this brand is firmly placed in the world of the unpredictable, amazing every time for the absolute originality of each products in the catalogue. With this new window, Salvioni expresses the desire to dare and offer enthusiasts from all over the world an even broader vision of what high-end design and furniture is; a completely original redevelopment of a modern, new house, full of suggestion.