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Salvioni Milano Casamilano | The new Flagship Store

Salvioni Design Solutions has inaugurated the new flagship store in partnership with Casamilano. A few steps from the center of Milan, in Corso Europa 12, the showroom hosts the brand’s novelties in a highly refined display, aimed at enclosing its style and essence.

On the first and second floors, an elegant living space welcomes the visitor with soft pastel shades and upholstery. On the – 1 floor it is possible to admire other catalog proposals and a well-assorted material library in different finishes, materials and colors to better view all the possibilities offered by Casamilano during the design phase.

The Casamilano showroom in Corso Europa is a space where taste and simplicity come together in one, giving life to essential, clean and finely orchestrated atmospheres, an ideal solution for domestic spaces and modern living where functionality often takes shape in a unique design, free of burrs.

The new 2021 “Interni Milanesi” collection finds its ideal location here, fitting into the metropolitan nuances of the big city with typically 50s / 70s colors and materials and unique works, created by great masters such as Caccia Dominioni, Castiglioni, Zanuso and Gregotti.

With this new collaboration, Salvioni Design Solutions continues its experimentation, exploration of contemporary taste and proposal of equally current trends. A worthy representative of this trend, Casamilano has been able to take up the challenge by creating a highly suggestive context, where anyone can find their own taste and personality.