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Salvioni Design Solutions | The new collaboration with Or.nami

Prestigious collaborations and stylistic experiments are the cornerstones of the path that Salvioni Design Solutions has undertaken for years in the world of interior design. Knowing the new trends and identifying excellence is essential to always offer the best to admirers and enthusiasts from all over the world.

It is precisely this desire to improve that has led Salvioni Design Solutions to start the partnership with Or.nami, a company of wallpapers founded by Gabriella Fusillo and today a reality of excellence in interior decoration.

Known all over the world for the quality of its furnishing papers, Or.nami has recently enriched its proposal by also dedicating itself to parquet, to create an organic and absolutely original dialogue with every surface of the house, from vertical to horizontal, from walls to floors and every point where the gaze can rest.

In this dialogue Or.nami has been able to demonstrate a very high level of quality and customization, where macro and micro integrate seamlessly, adapting to any need and taste. Each element is masterfully cared for so nothing is left to chance, but perfectly matches a story of supreme and exquisite personality.

Strengthened by this collaboration, Salvioni Design Solutions is therefore preparing to implement its own furnishing potential, capable of following step by step every phase of the interior project, from the foundation to the finished product, keeping the overall vision firm and thus offering a more than complete service of assistance, reliability and quality of excellence.