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G.T.DESIGN celebrates 20 years of Kama carpet

Specialized in the production of high-end carpets, G.T.DESIGN is a company that has been able to make quality and emotion its cornerstones. Emotion of creating, inventing, giving life to unique pieces aimed at communicating passion, rigor and great design competence.

G.T.DESIGN rugs summarize the company’s historic ability to experiment and work with natural materials such as linen, coconut, viscose, bamboo, pure wool, hemp, silk and much more, wherever progress and furnishing needs allow to dare.

This year G.T.DESIGN celebrates 20 years of Kama, an iconic carpet that has not only made the history of the company, but has been able to give prestige to the inspiration of the designer Deanna Comellini, who was responsible for its birth. As a tribute, the new Kama 20/21 capsule collection introduces two new models – Allegro a Piacere and Allegro con Brio – in four different shades: Night Blue, Straw Yellow, White Light and Stardust. The last two are re-editions of the colors from the original collection.

Peculiar to this new collection are the irregular textures that further amplify Kama’s ability to reflect light, illuminating and creating harmonious suggestions in any domestic and non-domestic environment.

As the background of the new Kama capsule collection, G.T.DESIGN has chosen Villa Necchi, an evocative location that combines typically Italian architecture, art and design, a constant source of inspiration for the work of Deanna Comellini. The Milanese residence is an emblem of some values that G.T.DESIGN has always embraced and shared: innovation, elegance, balance but also the ability to seek new solutions with an original and versatile approach to the project.

G.T.DESIGN and its precious creations are a regular in Salvioni Design Solutions spaces, an indispensable element to complete and give full expression to the numerous multi-brand proposals of the brand’s showooms. In the different spaces set, G.T.DESIGN rugs offer ideas of extreme beauty.