The Cappellini Christmas House - Inauguration - Salvioni
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The Cappellini Christmas House – Inauguration

Salvioni Design Solutions and Cappellini inaugurated The Cappellini Christmas House installation with an exclusive event that took place in the Salvioni Milano Durini showroom, a few steps from the center and in the heart of the design district.

The exceptional location of the store welcomed visitors in the delightfully Christmas atmosphere orchestrated by the Cappellini brand and further enriched by exceptional partners such as Gt Design, Or.nami, Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration and Olmar. No less important is the contribution of the works of art among the sculptures provided by the Barbara Paci Gallery and the paintings by Aldo Bresciani.

In these environments dominated by warm and welcoming shades, designed to remember coniferous woods and evenings spent in front of the fire, guests and visitors were able to fully grasp the spirit of this intimate and modern home at the same time, full of ideas and references to common living with which Salvioni Design Solutions and Cappellini wanted to celebrate not only the upcoming Christmas, but the new resolutions for the new year.