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The Cappellini Christmas House | The new Salvioni Milano Durini set up

The Cappellini Christmas House, an exclusive installation designed by Giulio Cappellini for Salvioni Milano Durini, is a project that comes to life from the desire to relive and share the emotions of Christmas, holidays and that particular period of the year where more than ever the need to reunite with friends and relatives to experience special moments together.

The intimate atmospheres of the house find their place in the spaces of the showroom in via Durini n.3, giving life to environments of great personality where a refined intertwining of Christmas traditions and design offers the visitor a unique, multifaceted and multicultural suggestion that was born in Milan, but it can be replicated anywhere in the world.

The rooms are colored with contemporary tones, punctuated by details that recall the typical shades of Christmas: warm beige, elegant burgundy, green inspired by coniferous woods. The lights and glare of the tree, the Christmas decorations give the living room, the dining area and the area dedicated to the night an irresistible charm.

Cappellini’s proposals alternate in these three glimpses offering the best of Made in Italy design declined among sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, bookcases, tables and beds of great refinement. Desks and armchairs, chest of drawers and numerous other proposals of the brand alternate to create inspirations capable of satisfying diversified tastes and trends. The icons and novelties of Cappellini are mixed with the carpets made by G.T design, the upholstery designed by Giulio Cappellini for Or.nami and the curtains by Roberto Molteni Interior decoration.

In perfect Christmas spirit, the atmospheres of The Cappellini Christmas House are warmed by the new fireplace that Giulio Cappellini has designed for Olmar. The contribution offered by the sculptures of the Barbara Paci art gallery and the paintings by Aldo Bresciani, an artist and painter from Brescia, whose works full of symbolic meanings create a perfect synergy with the atmosphere of the showroom are also invaluable.

The style of the Salvioni Milano Durini store serves as the perfect backdrop for this new installation which will be visible throughout the month of December by anyone who finds themselves walking along via Durini, the nerve center of furniture design. From January, the store windows will instead stage The Cappellini Winter House, where the bright colors of Christmas will leave room for palettes of colder and more neutral shades, aimed at showing the absolute versatility of Cappellini furnishings in any context.