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Salvioni presents two new boiseries projects

During the Milan Design Week, Salvioni Design Solutions presents two new exclusive product collections: BEWALLS, a boiserie project by Studio Rocchi Architettura, and a boiserie designed by the architect Maurizio Di Mauro produced by Con.Ca.Marmi.

With these products, Salvioni aims to become an interpreter of the desire to experiment different and personal solutions in the field of interior projects, an increasingly growing need in the market, confirming itself as the ideal partner for those who want tailor-made proposals, according to the individual areas of taste and needs.


Studio Rocchi Architettura has chosen to develop the boiserie collection available at Salvioni Design Solutions starting from the materials.

The idea is to offer a collection of products able to give the possibility to combine and cover walls with unusual modularity, customizable dimensions, colors, textures and materials mixed with harmony and elegance. Starting from a basic collection, presented for the first time during the Design Week, each proposal will be created and designed in consonance with the style of every single customer and the environment in which it will be placed.

The decoration also passes through the walls, which with this proposal, can become unique. In the development of this project, Studio Rocchi Architettura was inspired by an approach borrowed from architectural composition. Mix materials, colors, lines, shapes to create composite walls.

Finishes of wood, resin or metal, combined with fabrics or paper coverings, for custom combinations with one or more materials. Reassembled paper panels with three-dimensional brass bars or boiserie where wood and fabric are the protagonists. Many possibilities of combinations and materials available. Customization is central. Everyone can choose the perfect picture and have a unique, modern and minimal, or romantic and imaginative, more or less colorful furnishing element.

The project is evolving. Five the first proposals, produced in collaboration with the companies WallPepper®, Ottini Group, Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration and HD Surface, which can be integrated and adapted to any area of ​​the house, from the living room to the bedroom.


A classic material like marble is renewed and updated with the boiserie designed by Maurizio Di Mauro and exclusively produced by Con.Ca.Marmi for Salvioni Design Solutions. Inspired by the shape and style of Doric columns, characterized by deep concave vertical grooves, the architect Di Mauro aimed to recreate a single module that can be joined to infinity, like pilaster strips, in order to produce a classic, but at the same time unusual, façade.

The single element in polished marble is crossed by a deep vertical groove obtained with handwork, characterized by a matt surface in contrast with the glossy one of the remaining flat parts.

This variation of opacity amplified by the curvature of the surface interacts with the light interrupting its linearity, recreating a sculptural drape on the outer layer.

Presented by Salvioni Milano Durini during the Milan Design Week in Breccia Capraia finish, a material originated from an ancient Medici quarry, the boiserie is also proposed in the classic Travertine and Bardiglio variants, a more recent material used mainly in the Liberty period.

According to the attitude of Salvioni to find customized solutions depending on the wishes of the client and the individual furnishing contexts, it will be possible to evaluate the use of other marbles or stones. Furthermore, dimmable and customizable light sources based on the project can be inserted between the vertical grooves in order to intersperse the marble pilasters; also, there is a study concerning the use of some accessories to make this project functional and not just decorative in the bathroom or SPA.

Interacting with light through the movement of the surface, or creating a precious scenography for other more commonly used furnishing elements, this boiserie lends itself to giving character to interior projects.