Salvioni Milano Durini presents the new project TODAY IS THE DAY
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Salvioni Milano Durini presents the new project TODAY IS THE DAY

The architectural space of Salvioni Milano Durini opens up to a new project, curated by the Art Director Riccardo Rocchi.

Through the 1100 square meters of the concept store, the customer can follow a path made to enhance the brand’s vocation and unprecedented projects, which, in keeping with the vision and language of Salvioni, find hospitality in its environments during the Milan Design Week.

In addition, even this year the public can get involved and be amazed by the different settings chosen for each of the six floors of via Durini 3. “Today is the Day” is the title chosen for the project in order to represent the ideal fil rouge existing among each floor of the enchanting twentieth century palace.

“The awareness and joy of the present, living the moment, appreciating the architectural sense of the current stimuli to face new days and new challenges”. The Art Director Riccardo Rocchi started from this challenge to develop the 2019 setting of Salvioni Milano Durini showroom for the Milan Design Week.

Day Up, Day, Day Dream, Today is the Day, Day Colour, Day Light are the name chosen to identify the six concepts of the six floors of via Durini spaces.

-1. DAY UP The desire to discover, to dare, to love, to know how to match, drawings and colors, images and environments in a continuous succession of emotions.

T. DAY Is the day: the concreteness of work, of the entry, dialogue and presenting; from here the journey begins, from here the day begins, from here the work begins and here we return to the end.

1. DAY DREAM There is no shadow without light: the first floor takes on the task to bring us into the dream, the introspection and the dreamlike dimension that only the colors of the night can do. 

2. TODAY IS THE DAY A space completely emptied of all furnishings and entrusted to the design genius of Enzo Catellani who, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Catellani&Smith, creates a new and revolutionary lamp and entrusts the light object and its understanding to a performance of stimuli and sensations.

Green, blue, gold, blue, teal. Colors that mix, intertwine, chase and harmonize in a complete environment as furniture, from the kitchen to the sleeping area, where spaces convey joy and a desire to be lived.

4. DAY LIGHT A suite composed by a large living area and a romantic sleeping area. The space revolves around both environments, in a chromatic composition of neutral tones with the inclusion of powder pink and golden yellow also including all their nuances: a tribute to femininity and romanticism.