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Techa | The protective system for outdoor TVs

Elegance, comfort and resistance: in one word, Techa; an innovative protective system created to preserve television screens and give the same emotions of indoor viewing comfortably seated in open-air spaces, when and where you want.

This exclusive project was created for those who wish to enjoy TV by the pool, in the outdoor area of ​​a hotel, in the bow lounge of a yacht, in the garden and in short, wherever it is possible to do so without having to constantly move the television set.

The proposed display case is made up of tempered glass and stainless steel totally waterproof and able to defend the TV from any atmospheric agent or meteorological condition in the different seasons of the year. The design has been specifically studied to adapt to any style and environment while offering maximum visual and aesthetic performance: the anti-reflective tempered glass of the front screen is practically invisible, the connection points are finished with chromed stainless steel profiles, as well as the rear panel, mirror polished. In addition, thanks to a universal support system, the television screen gives the impression of floating within the space, giving it an incredibly scenographic effect.

The audio has also been designed to be appreciated without the aid of additional support tools: the base of the structure is in fact formed by a micro-perforated steel grille that preserves the clarity of the sound, contributing to extraordinary radiation. To adapt to any location, the display case also has adjustable and extendable feet designed to increase the support surface.

Come and visit us in the Salvioni Milano Durini showroom to be able to appreciate this protective system in person: in the terrace set up of the showroom there is in fact a display model to be able to test and touch the different functions of this useful, elegant and above all resistant technology.