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Norma | The new outdoor kitchen by Roda

Number one in the production of outdoor furniture, RODA adds Norma to its catalog, an outdoor kitchen with an exquisitely Italian flavor. Rodolfo Dordoni‘s signature stands out in the elegance and harmony of this modular and extremely versatile element that sees three load-bearing blocks combine to create the perfect result for any outdoor environment.

Cooking module: the freestanding island made in RODA’s distinctive smoke color houses a practical steel sink that fits into the Lapitec® top. Complete with extremely spacious compartments, this element can also house a refrigerator.

Sink module: this second element features a five-burner gas-fired hob with central double crown burner and Dual technology. Its conformation can be used as a stand-alone element that does not expressly need to be connected to another. To move it, can be equipped with wheels.

Extension module: created to complete the two main elements, offers a practical extension of the work area, which extends to form a suspended aerial top that can also be used as a dining area. The structure is made in the distinctive smoke color RODA.

With this elegant triplet, RODA offers its customers a new and original element for outdoor furniture, completing the numerous proposals with a kitchen not only functional, but extremely elegant. Ideal for those who want to spend their time outdoors without depriving themselves of everyday comforts.