Milano Durini wears the colors of Wallpepper for the MDW2018
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Salvioni Milano Durini paints itself with Wallpepper

During the Milan Design Week 2018, Salvioni Design Solutions has completely renewed its exhibition spaces hosting the Wallpepper brand for the furnishings of the walls of the 6 different floors set. The care and elegance of the brand’s prints have contributed to enrich and enhance the 6 different concepts recreated within the store:

Essenza: a geometric overlay of warm colours and polygonal shapes belonging to the Delaunay Wall collection has been used to give thickness and character to the wall of the night area of the Essenza floor, the most welcoming and intimate of the Salvioni store.

Early Summer: the ground floor has been enriched with a bright and spring paint inspired by the East atmospheres. Here the pastel shades of the Secret Garden collection interweave, complement and blend in a line that gazes to the lands of the Rising Sun, their culture and variety.

Darkness: in the darker and shady floor, the Mumbai collection has been placed. This is the collection of the past, able to meet the tastes of a refined clientele inspired not only by fashion, but also by the art and the decorative tradition of the great artisans of the past.

Milano Velata: ambitious and full of creativity, the plan where art and design intertwine the most has given space to the Ingranaggi collection, perfect to be integrated into the milanese metropolitan climate, and the Hills collection. Here, gears, architectures, sketches of never-before-seen projects and pure lines drawn in black and white recreating an industrial and crafted atmosphere.

Evergreennatural and full of colours, the Evergreen plan has strengthened its connection with the natural world by furnishing the wall of the living area and the sleeping area with two representations belonging to the Chineleaves and Gioco di Ginkgo collections. Green and blue are strengthened between them recreating the illusion of a sensory and meditative plan.

La luna di giorno: the plan dedicated to romanticism and to the dreamers, the Luna di giorno has given even more strength to its golden-white hues hosting an oriental representation of the Gold Crane collection. A crane immersed in a dreamlike backdrop welcomes the visitor in the bedroom, guiding him to the wise use of oriental elements and new, unexpected, three-dimensional, involving subjects.

Outdoor: a special novelty for the outdoors, Wallpepper has also furnished the outside of the Salvioni Milano Durini showroom with the Studs collection, an elegant overlay of chiaroscuro, perfect to give depth and structure to the outdoor.