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Andy Warhol and Gufram | A new limited edition of Cactus

Captivating, provocative, ironic and unconventional: the Gufram company has always been a symbol of a design not afraid to amaze and fascinate, giving life to furnishing elements that embody pop culture and at the same time a philosophy that is impossible to imitate.

This year Gufram makes a comeback with a “pungent” collaboration, born from the encounter between one of its most characteristic design products: Cactus and the timeless sacred monster of pop-art Andy Warhol.

Since 1972 Catus has embodied the artistic spirit of Gufram and Radical Design. Fifty years after its creation, the company wanted to pay homage to it with a new limited edition of 99 pieces created in collaboration with the Andy Warhol foundation of visual arts. In this new guise, the body stands out in the three typical colors of Warhol’s palette, enhanced by black points that reflect the theme of Warholian serigraphs. The result are three versions: Andy’s blue cactus, Andy’s pink cactus and Andy’s yellow cactus, a triptych of great visual, artistic and conceptual power.

The new versions of Cactus will soon be presented at the “50 years of being cactus” exhibition on display at the Milan Triennale during the Milan Design Week 2022.