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Milano Design Week 2022 | Salvioni renovates the exhibition spaces

During this Milan Design Week 2022, the Salvioni Milano Durini showroom has renewed its exhibition spaces with new and precious installations aimed at enhancing the six floors of the building in via Durini 3. New and precious atmospheres have come to life thanks to the contribution of Italian and International brands, selected to better enhance a distinctly contemporary taste, where luxury and practicality are intertwined into an inseparable whole.

Strong is once again the contribution of Catellani&Smith, a lighting brand, which with its indoor and outdoor lamps enhances and gives prestige to the stylistic choices made by selecting over 150 interior furniture brands. Wallpepper wallpapers contribute to the suggestion, creating visual cues and perfectly balanced views, beautiful to see and touch.

A precious selection of fabrics made by the Roberto Molteni brand enriches the mix of furniture, colors and materials, creating the perfect harmony between different environments and contexts.

The new -1 floor, expanded and completely redesigned in order to house a material library, has created a further visual cross-section in turn stimulated by the window in via Durini, airy and for this year finely orchestrated by the hand of Acerbis. Spearhead, the Salvioni terraces act as a real lung towards the outdoor world, nature and the open air. Enriched by Talenti furnishings, they have been able to create an authentic oasis of taste where is possible to savor the idea of ​​relaxation and comfort away from the chaos of the Milanese metropolis.

Finally, it is important to mention the collaboration with Pedretti Home, a Trentino brand of excellence that has been able to make stone processing its core business. The debut collection LAPIS blends this world with interior design, creating unique and extremely valuable pieces with petrified wood.