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Milano Design week 2022 | The main characters of the Salvioni Milano Durini stores

For this Milano Design Week 2022, Salvioni Design Solutions was able to boast a partnership of excellence with two brands of international furniture design: Acerbis and Talenti.

Protagonists of contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture, these two important partners have been able to create unique settings, aimed at enhancing not only the precious 2022 collections, but also the spaces of the Milanese showroom. Fundamental was the contribution of the art directors, David Lopez Quinconces and Francesco Meda for Acerbis; Ludovica + Roberto Palomba for Talenti, who have been able to make the most of the projects entrusted to them to create synergy between environment, furnishings and expression.

The strength of Acerbis and Talenti was therefore expressed in a choral project, where the intertwining of antithetical times and inspirations was strongly perceived.

The installation created by the creative duo Meda-Quincoces, Mirror Reflections, enhances the Remasters collection in an ode to Nanda Vigo’s creative research, with mirrors and neon lights that transform the space into a play of light and refractions that echo the ‘one to the other to expand the perceptions of the form and material of the products on display. The visitor is invited to experience a unique sensory experience where the strength of materials, structures and surfaces infused with color clearly emerges, which outline the personality of each design in the Remasters collection.

The synergy between Salvioni Design Solutions and Talenti, thanks to the collaboration of Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, has instead given life to the provocative Green Evolution project which sees the terraces of via Durini 3 transform into an exclusive location with a strong visual impact. The setting up of the three terraces is based on sustainable design, real oases of sustainability where furniture and nature blend perfectly to give life to an immersive experience.