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Salvioni is GT Design official dealer

Those made by GT Design are not only excellent design rugs, but also real textile poems. The philosophy that guides the brand goes beyond simple craftsmanship, which is also an indispensable feature, and aims to convey emotions through an object of daily use such as the carpet. Sons of a constant research close to the avant-garde fashion, the carpets of the GT Design catalog aim to recreate at home the sensations of natural environments and give the opportunity to fully live their materiality, going to establish a close tactile relationship with the bodies.

GT Design rugs

The choice of materials is a determining aspect of the research by G.T. Design. Alongside more traditional fibers such as the wool of the Luoghi collection and the linen of the Stairs mats, the company flanks unusual fiber as the coconut, which with the Coconutrug series creates resistant rugs with an unexpectedly rough hand. Also important is the use of precious silk, from which born bright and sophisticated rugs, or the bamboo viscose of the In-Canto series of rugs, bright and sensual to the touch.

GT Design project

peculiar poetics of the brand. Its carpets live in constant dialogue with the environments and are themselves connoted as a form of “light architecture”. This factor, combined with the endless customization possibilities and tailor made products guaranteed by the agile production structure of the brand, makes them highly appreciated by interior designers and architects all over the world.

GT Design official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is the official dealer of GT Design rugs. Besides being present in various models in the Salvioni shwrooms of Inverigo and Lugano, GT rugs are among the protagonists of the Salvioni Milano Durini environments located in the center of Milan, which through their presence proposes to recreate a “total living” space taken care of down to the smallest details.