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Salvioni is Lago official dealer

Lago is a leading company in the production of Made in Italy furniture whose vision is to give life to a design intended as a tool for social transformation, useful for investigating and responding to the needs of contemporary living. Starting from this ideal, Lago has been able to create a whole range of simple and immediate, beautiful and essential collections. Quality is essential, a sine qua non condition every product cannot see the light. The drive towards change and innovation are other focal points of Lago, a company that is always keen on applying new ideas and discovering future trends in high-end design.

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Versions Lago 36e8 Glass Kitchen

Lago 36e8 Glass Kitchen Lago 36e8 Glass Kitchen Daniele Lago 

Versions Lago 36e8 TV Unit

Lago 36e8 TV Unit Lago 36e8 TV Unit Daniele Lago 

Versions Lago 36e8 Wildwood Kitchen

Lago 36e8 Wildwood Kitchen Lago 36e8 Wildwood Kitchen  

Versions Lago Air Bed

Lago Air Bed Classic Classic

Price starting from
€ 3.415,00

Lago Air Bed Wildwood Wildwood

Price starting from
€ 4.137,00

Lago Air Bed Lago Air Bed Daniele Lago 

Price starting from
€ 3.415,00

Versions Lago Air Bookshelf

Lago Air Bookshelf Lago Air Bookshelf Daniele Lago 

Versions Lago Air Kitchen

Lago Air Kitchen Lago Air Kitchen  

Versions Lago Air Wardrobe

Lago Air Wardrobe Lago Air Wardrobe Daniele Lago 

Versions Lago Diagolinea Bookshelf

Lago Diagolinea Bookshelf Lago Diagolinea Bookshelf  

Versions Lago Et Voilà Wardrobe

Lago Et Voilà Wardrobe Lago Et Voilà Wardrobe Daniele Lago 

Versions Lago Lagolinea Bookshelf

Lago Lagolinea Bookshelf Lago Lagolinea Bookshelf Daniele Lago 

Versions Lago Lagolinea TV Unit

Lago Lagolinea TV Unit Lago Lagolinea TV Unit Daniele Lago 

Versions Lago N.O.W. Wardrobe

Lago N.O.W. Wardrobe Lago N.O.W. Wardrobe Daniele Lago 

Lago Furniture

Lago’s design can be translated into a few simple strokes aimed at enclosing the very essence of each product. It juggles in the production of single elements and versatile modular systems that can be integrated with each other with which to furnish any room in the house. Each piece of furniture bears the Lago signature for quality, craftsmanship and design refinement. Lago ranges in numerous proposals for home furnishings. For the living room and dining room it offers sofas, bookcases, TV cabinets, sideboards, equipped walls, chairs, armchairs, benches and much more. For the dining space it includes numerous proposals for kitchens and dining tables.

Peculiar is the 36e8® system, where a square module of 36.8 cm per side is used as the basic element of the entire construction. The paradigm shift from the rectangular to the square model is unique and essential to demonstrate a way of designing that is not afraid of novelty and fight against conventions. Many other systems, such as Air, LagoLinea and Et Voilà create the same dialogue between areas and aesthetics.

Lago Design

Lago production uses a new design step with the times, the result of study and continuous research on international trends. The artistic direction of designer Daniele Lago supervises the creation of each object, ensuring the originality and quality of every detail. Ideal for multipurpose spaces, each Lago product stands out and creates strong suggestions in any environment.

Lago official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official reseller of the Lago brand, of which distributes numerous products in its showrooms in Milan, Inverigo and Lugano. The wide range of choices makes the catalog of proposals more than vast, allowing interior designers to range in ambivalent projects according to the taste or needs of the customer.