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Salvioni is Lema official dealer

Lema has marked several key stages in the industrial history of Italian design. Some of the most important inventions of the modern modular furniture are owed to this company, such as the introduction of load-bearing systems or cabinets tailored to the customer’s needs through a fully industrialized process. The heart of the company is the large factory designed by Angelo Mangiarotti in the ’70s, still at the forefront of the industry, where products such as the famous wardrobe program Armadio al centimetro or the Selecta bookcase system are born.

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Versions Lema Dandy Wardrobe

Lema Dandy Wardrobe Lema Dandy Wardrobe  

Versions Lema Hangar Walk-in Closet

Lema Hangar Walk-in Closet Lema Hangar Walk-in Closet Piero Lissoni 

Versions Lema Kyn Wardrobe

Lema Kyn Wardrobe Lema Kyn Wardrobe David Lopez Quincoces 

Versions Lema LT 40 TV Unit

Lema LT 40 TV Unit Lema LT 40 TV Unit David Lopez Quincoces 

Versions Lema Naica Wardrobe

Lema Naica Wardrobe Lema Naica Wardrobe Cairoli & Donzelli 

Versions Lema Plain Bookshelf

Lema Plain Bookshelf Lema Plain Bookshelf Francesco Rota 

Versions Lema Selecta TV Unit

Lema Selecta TV Unit Lema Selecta TV Unit  

Versions Lema Seryasse Wardrobe

Lema Seryasse Wardrobe Lema Seryasse Wardrobe David Lopez Quincoces 

Versions Lema Sign Night Stand

Lema Sign Night Stand Without Drawer Without Drawer

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€ 500,00

Lema Sign Night Stand With Drawer With Drawer

Price starting from
€ 986,00

Lema Sign Night Stand Lema Sign Night Stand Studio Kairos 

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€ 500,00

Versions Lema Text Wardrobe

Lema Text Wardrobe Lema Text Wardrobe  

Lema furniture

Lema founded its roots in Arosio, where in the ’30s Angelo Meroni, grandfather and homonym of the current President, opened a workshop specialized in the production of handmade furniture, followed by the opening of a shop in Milan in the ’50s. The breakthrough came in the ’70s: Lema was born thanks to the intuition of the sons of Angelo, Luigi and Enrico and the transition to an industrialization that covers the entire production cycle, from the arrival of raw materials to the packaging of the product. First in Italy, Lema specializes itself in the production of customized systems for the living and night areas.


The Lema Home Division is not limited to the historical bestsellers of the brand (wardrobes, coplanar cabinets, sliding wardrobes, walk-in closets, bookcases, shelving and other modular systems for furniture), but also extends to the center of the room with sofas, armchairs, beds, tables, chairs, sideboards and much more. Lema style is graceful and harmonious, able to adapt easily to the most diverse contexts, and rests its foundations in a rigorous search for quality in every aspect of the product.

The company also has a versatile Contract Division, able to guarantee a tailor-made service for projects with a very different style, such as hotels, restaurants or chain stores. Here Lema also experiments with new materials, new forms and new production techniques, destined to enrich the catalog for the home collection. This division is based in a second plant of 24,000 square meters, located in Giussano and shared with the International Office Concept, an independent structure integrated into the group and dedicated to the production of office furniture.

Lema design

Lema’s history is studded with collaborations with important international designers, who have been able to effectively combine their talent with the company’s great production capabilities. From the historical names such as Tito Agnoli and Angelo Mangiarotti, today we can count the personalities of Piero Lissoni, art director of Lema since 1994 and author of the T030 bookcase, Chiara Andreatti, Gordon Guillaumier, Roberto Lazzeroni, David Lopez Quincoces, Christophe Pillet, Raw Edges and Francesco Rota, with his Cloud sofa.


Lema official dealer

Salvioni is Lema’s official dealer. The showroom in the city of Lugano and the Canton of Ticino exhibits many products of the brand. In this place, a team of interior designers and designers is ready to support the customer in the countless compositions allowed by the Lema catalog.