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Salvioni is Meridiani official dealer

The stylistic signature of Meridiani is characterized by a timeless elegance, neither fully classical nor completely modern, luxurious and sober at the same time. One of the strengths of the brand is the extremely rich variety of precious fabrics available for the collections, which allow sofas, beds and chairs to take on an ever-changing and fashionable appearance. These are combined with a vast range of leathers and hide leathers and precious materials such as marble, wood and lacquering to create tastefully decorated environments down to the smallest detail, always in the sign of the most rigorous Made in Italy.

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Versions Meridiani Belmon Sofa Bed

Meridiani Belmon Sofa Bed Meridiani Belmon Sofa Bed Andrea Parisio 

Versions Meridiani Belt Coffee Table

Meridiani Belt Coffee Table Meridiani Belt Coffee Table Andrea Parisio 

Versions Meridiani Charlie Table

Meridiani Charlie Table Meridiani Charlie Table Andrea Parisio 

Versions Meridiani Dimitri Nightstand

Meridiani Dimitri Nightstand Meridiani Dimitri Nightstand Andrea Parisio 

Versions Meridiani Edward Desk

Meridiani Edward Desk Meridiani Edward Desk Andrea Parisio 

Versions Meridiani Harold Sofa

Meridiani Harold Sofa Meridiani Harold Sofa Andrea Parisio 

Versions Meridiani Odette Chair

Meridiani Odette Chair Meridiani Odette Chair Andrea Parisio 
Meridiani Plinto Table Meridiani Plinto Table Andrea Parisio 

Versions Meridiani Quincy Console

Meridiani Quincy Console Meridiani Quincy Console Andrea Parisio 

Versions Meridiani Scott Sofa Bed

Meridiani Scott Sofa Bed Meridiani Scott Sofa Bed Andrea Parisio 

Versions Meridiani Sebastian Bookshelf

Meridiani Sebastian Bookshelf Meridiani Sebastian Bookshelf Andrea Parisio 

Versions Meridiani Teresa Armchair

Meridiani Teresa Armchair Meridiani Teresa Armchair Andrea Parisio 

Meridiani furniture

The company was founded in Misinto in 1996 by Renato Crosti and his wife Laura Ferraro, already active for several years in the field of sofa upholstery production. They have been accompanied since the beginning by Andrea Parisio, art director of the brand, who gave the different Meridiani collections the unity of a peculiar taste, declined in different solutions. The Meridiani proposal can thus range from upholstered furniture, with sofas such as the James and Bacon models, to the sleeping area with a wide selection of single beds and double beds.

The typology of sofa bed is particularly represented in the Meridiani catalog, with proposals such as the Fox model. The dining area includes voluminous and sculptural tables, such as the Gong table or the Plinto table, among the masterpieces of the brand, flanked by precious chairs and armchairs. Meridiani has also an outdoor collection dedicated to open-air environments and made with ad hoc materials.

Meridiani design

The artistic director of the brand is since the foundation Andrea Parisio, who personally curates all the phases of the realization of the products, from the design to the choice of fabrics and finishes. Andrea Parisio also deals with the Meridiani image and the architectural design of the monobrand showrooms, including those in London, Paris, Milan, Miami and Singapore.

Meridiani official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is Meridiani’s official dealer for Milan and Inverigo, in the province of Como. Salvioni interior designers are available to recreate the characteristic Meridiani atmospheres in the customers home, providing a complete design of the environments and co-organizing them in the choice of models and colors. Salvioni logistics also allows efficient deliveries all over the world.