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Salvioni is Moroso official dealer

Design has always been the guiding star of Moroso, even in its most courageous and avant-garde variations. This is why, under the farsighted artistic direction of Patrizia Moroso, the company was able to establish strong relationships with visionary designers from all over the world by finding them the ideal environment to create their most daring creations. This was possible also thanks to the strong roots in the artisan tradition of a land like Friuli Venezia Giulia, with its strong ethic work and its meticulous attention to quality.

Moroso furniture

Sofas and armchairs are an important part of Moroso’s production since its foundation, which took place in Udine in the 1950s by Agostino Moroso. Design freedom left to designers produces stylistically very different results, but always of the highest quality: from the rigorous elegance of Patricia Urquiola’s Gentry sofa to the colorful extravagance of Ron Arad’s Glider sofa.

Iconic shapes are a recurring feature of the Moroso catalog, such as those that characterize the Victoria and Albert sofa by Ron Arad, the Fjord armchair by Patricia Urquiola or the Shadowy armchair by Tord Boontje, made by handmade intertwining the yarn of the nets fishing. Vice versa, more traditional shapes characterize the Timeless line, in which many products bear the signature of Antonio Citterio.

The Moroso furniture cover all the rooms of the house, with a wide choice of tables and chairs, chaise longues and armchairs, coffee tables and ottomans, and reach the garden, offering outdoor versions of the brand’s most famous chairs. A different taste is also found in the Diesel with Moroso line, created in collaboration with the famous fashion brand, which incorporates its famous grunge atmospheres through a wide choice of fabrics.

Moroso design

Moroso’s international and boundless gaze has led the company to work with designers from all five continents, bringing together a group of names in the design world: in addition to Patricia Urquiola and Ron Arad, who left a strong styling mark,  we can count Sebastian Herker, Daniel Libeskind, Javier Mariscal, Ross Lovegrove, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Toshiyuki Kita, Gordon Guillaumier and Alfredo Häberli.

Moroso official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is Moroso official dealer. At Salvioni showroom of Inverigo, just a few kilometers from Milan, the Salvioni interior designers are available to guide the customer in the colorful and imaginative world of Moroso furnishings, studying together the optimal way to insert any kind of idea into a complete and coordinated residential project.