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Salvioni is Natevo official dealer

Natevo comes from the Flou experience, the Made in Italy furniture company that in the ‘80s revolutionized the culture of sleeping through the introduction of a new and modern design inside the bedroom. Thanks to the consolidated experience that has made the fortune of Flou, during the 2013 Natevo took up the challenge of conceiving, producing and marketing a wide range of luminous furniture, equipped with integrated light able to illuminate environments without using other light sources.

Natevo furniture

Since its inception, Natevo has distinguished itself in the production of furniture with integrated light, tested not only to be a distinctive part of the furniture, but a real alternative to the most common wall, ceiling and floor lighting systems. With the introduction of tables, bookcases and sideboards, as well as wall systems, sideboards, storage units, mirrors and desks, Natevo has experimented over the years an ever-increasing refinement of the furnishings.

The Kara, Continuum and Solida collections are today among the highest expressions of creativity of this company, where the aesthetic advantages add up to other more functional ones such as the reduction of energy and ecological costs, often necessary for the installation of light points and electric tracks.

Natevo design

Thanks to the already well-established Flou experience, Natevo has been able to define its own style and personal qualities through the collaboration with two important designers: Matteo Nunziati, to whom we owe the Solida and Continuum collections, and Carlo Colombo who signed the Cclight bookshop. Works like the Tekton chairs and the Continuum bookcases are today the cornerstones of the sleeping area and living area furnishing production. Equally important are the works of Pinuccio Borgonovo, with his Peak console and the famous Ski hanger, Marcello Ziliani and Toner studio who signed the famous Kara collection.

Natevo official dealer

For years, Salvioni Design Solutions has worked as official dealer with the Meda company. The Milan and Inverigo showrooms host a wide range of Natevo products enhancing their aesthetic and compositional impact through carefully designed environments.