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Santa & Cole

Salvioni is Santa & Cole official dealer

Santa & Cole is a company specialized in the design of high-end lighting solutions. It was born in Barcelona and since 1985 has been completely dedicated to the creation of a unique style, capable of gaining the favor of an international audience with a refined taste. Its main goal is to create everyday objects, capable of filling homes and everyday routine with ordinary elegance and long-lasting functionality. With an eye to the future, Santa & Cole dedicates its craftsmanship to exquisitely outside the box, unconventional and unexpected lamps.

Santa & Cole Lamps

The quality of Santa & Cole is articulated in different aspects of the modern home, ranging from floor lamps, table, wall and pendant. However, the solutions for portable and outdoor lamps are no less interesting. Each of these pieces is specially designed to differentiate themselves in character, style and functionality, giving space to heterogeneous tastes. The focus on sustainability pushes Santa & Cole to choose green, durable and low environmental impact materials.

Among the many creations of the company, it is worth mentioning the Americana, Babel, Cesta and Fad table lamps; the Americana, Maija and TMC floor lamps; the Cestita Alubat among the portable lights; among the ceiling lamps Cirio, GT4, Nagoya, Sistema Fonda and Arne; the BC, Americana, Petit Tatu and TMM for the wall lamps and the Amigo, Domus and Wally lamps for the outdoor.

Although to a lesser extent, Santa & Cole also dedicates its production to home furniture, giving life to chairs, armchairs, tables and coffee tables of extreme expressive taste. The attention to detail is fundamental here and visible in every work. Lightness and elegance coordinate the collections, giving each piece an unmistakable contemporary taste. We mention the Belloch and Ramón chairs, stackable and very light. The upholstered items include the Cadaqués sofas, the Moragas, Ibiza and Digamma armchairs, as well as the Diana and Subeybaja coffee tables.

Santa & Cole Designers

The quality of Santa & Cole comes not only from the skilled artistic direction of its internal team, but also from the numerous collaborations that have been able to carry on the legacy of the company since its foundation, enriching its artistic background more and more. Among the different names we mention Rafael Alberti, Antoni Arola, Alfons Borrell, Eduardo Chillida, Federico Correa, Carlos Cruz Dies, Antoni de Moragas Gallissà, Miriam Dema, Mariano Ferrer, Ignazio Gardella, Peter Halley and many others, young and old, to whom we owe the vastness and richness of the Santa & Cole catalog.

Santa & Cole Dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official dealer of the Santa & Cole brand whose pieces and numerous works can be purchased by going to the showrooms in Milan, Inverigo and Lugano. The quality of the company’s works is available among the many other design solutions that the Salvioni catalog is ready to offer to its selected clientele. A team of interior designers will be at your disposal to advise you in the best possible way in choosing the proposals that best suit you.