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Salvioni is Zanotta official dealer

Design and culture: from these two inspirations, Zanotta draws its identity. Browsing the Zanotta catalog is like entering a real design museum full of the key works of some of the biggest protagonists of the furnishings field. Founded in Nova Milanese by Aurelio Zanotta in the ‘50s, the company inextricably links its name to the avant-garde design season, from which innovative furnishings are born, often enriched by an ironic touch. To these timeless masterpieces, Zanotta flanks reissues of classics from the first half of the twentieth century and a contemporary collection inspired by great lightness and quality.

Zanotta furniture

Zanotta’s production stretched to all the different types of furniture: from the sofas, including the William model by Damian Williamson and the historic Throw Away by Willie Landels, to the beds and the tables. The Reale table by Carlo Mollino and the Leonardo table by Achille Castiglioni belong to the latter category. It is also in the furnishing accessories that Zanotta offers its best, with surprising pieces such as the iconic Sacco armchair.

Among Zanotta’s other great successes we can count the Tonietta chairs by Enzo Mari and Lia by Roberto Barbieri, the Sciangai coat rack by De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi and the Cumano coffee table by Achille Castiglioni. The Zanotta Edizioni line brings the philosophy of the brand to the extreme, with real “art furnishings” in a limited numbered series combining high craftsmanship with the imagination of designers such as Alessandro Mendini, Bruno Munari and Ettore Sottsass.

Zanotta Design

One of the permanent feature of Zanotta’s history has always been its collaboration with great designers. It is precisely for Zanotta, for example, that Achille Castiglioni has made some of his most popular products, such as the Mezzadro stool, the Allunaggio chair and the Servi series. In addition to the re-editions of historical designers such as Carlo Mollino and Giuseppe Terragni, Zanotta can now also boast many collaborations with prestigious names of contemporary design such as Ludovica & Roberto Palomba and Frank Rettenbacher.

Zanotta official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is Zanotta’s official dealer. The Milan and Inverigo showrooms present various products of the brand and offer a team of specialized interior designers fully available to the customer for the realization of complete furnishing projects where is possible to insert the great Zanotta classics together with the new collections proposed by the brand.