Skira Limited Edition - Painting the Stage by Denise Poray-Wendel
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Skira Limited Edition – Painting the Stage by Mario Botta

On 11 July, the Salvioni Milano Gallotti&Radice showroom hosted the architect Mario Botta for the presentation of the book “Painting the Stage”, created in collaboration with Skira within the Limited Edition project.

In this particular Limited version, the work itself becomes a contemporary art object: the essay by Denise Poray-Wendel, where the Canadian writer, journalist and curator masterfully describes the complex and rich world of contemporary art linked to installations operas, is enclosed in a wooden sculpture designed and signed by the architect Mario Botta. The special cover in purple fabric of the book is flanked by a numbered and signed lithograph drawn in a very limited number of copies.

The four versions produced by Riva1920 are distinguished both by the wood of the sculpture and, above all, by the lithograph that accompanies the book: the two aquatinte by William Kentridge are contained in a sculpture in ash wood, the lithograph by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov from an American walnut wood, and that of Jan Fabre from an oak one. Each lithograph is linked to a work treated in Painting the Stage, numbered and signed by hand by the artists who created it.

The Skira project is the spokesperson for a different publishing world, able to combine art, culture and craftsmanship into a whole that, citing Mario Botta himself “in addition to providing communication and imagination tools, it also offers a glimpse of our time.”

In addition to the guest star, “Painting the Stage”, the Salvioni Milano Gallotti&Radice showroom hosted other works of the Limited Edition project such as the volume “In Color” by Daidō Moriyama, “Ceramiche” by Mimmo Paladino and “Milano 2015” by Carlo Orsi. These three volumes are part of the prestigious limited and numbered Skira line, refined and unique in its kind, specifically designed in every detail to satisfy the need of bibliophiles and collectors who are looking for the magic of a precious, extraordinary book increase its value over time.