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The new Salvioni proposal for marble wall covering

During the Salone del Mobile, Salvioni Design Solutions presented an unprecedented solution for interior decoration and wall covering, taking another step towards offering 360 ° interior design projects. The protagonist of this new creation is a luxury material par excellence: marble.

The proposal, an absolute novelty for 2019, adds the possibility of designing and creating marble wall coverings for all the rooms of the house, with versatile and adaptable systems whose starting point, the posting of a marble wall, then lends itself to an almost unlimited range of customizations that can be evaluated with an expert craftsman and the Salvioni interior design team.

To present this concept, Salvioni Milano Durini has enriched the rooms of its showroom with a marble panelling designed by Maurizio di Mauro and produced exclusively by Con.Ca.Marmi. Inspired by the processing of Doric columns, characterized by deep concave vertical grooves, the architect has been able to recreate a single module that can be joined to infinity, like so many pilasters, with an exquisitely classical and contemporary style. The material used, the Breccia Capraia marble, was chosen for its characteristic texture of great elegance, perfect for the predisposed environment of Milano Durini; other marbles, like the classic Travertino or the Bardiglio – more recent and mainly used in the Liberty period -, are however already available together with many other variants for those who wish to give a more special touch to their home.

Con.Ca.Marmi, precious partner for the launch of this project, is an established reality that since 1953 has been operating in the marble, granite and natural stone industry. Now in its third generation, thanks to continuous investment in production processes and the most advanced technologies, it has reached a level of competence such as to satisfy any requirement requested by customers coming from the furniture design sector.

The proposal, which is accompanied by equally valid solutions for the decoration of the walls such as the wallpaper by Wallpepper, the fabric walls by Roberto Molteni and the mixed material boiserie of the Bewalls brand, designed by the architect Riccardo Rocchi, confirms the will of the network Salvioni to expand more and more their skills and abilities, coming to design and implement environmental solutions able to meet the tastes of every customer satisfaction, even the most demanding.