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The new Salvioni Milano Durini window with Gufram

Salvioni Milano Durini enriches its exhibition spaces with a new window signed by Gufram.

In the large entrance overlooking the Milanese design street, the brand has created a setting of great visual impact, made up of optical illusions and unlikely vanishing points that push the visitor to look around and look for a meaning beyond the immediate sensorial.

Once again the emblematic brand of radical design, capable of transforming provocation into an authentic distinctive sign, has shown its imaginative power by displaying historical pieces and great icons of the past that have been able to increase its fame all over the world.

The absolute protagonist is the Bocca sofa, a style icon created as a tribute to a painting by Salvador Dalì where the lips of a portrayed woman depict a sofa. The object obtained was so unconventional that Vogue magazine had to talk about it, highlighting its “kitsch” properties. Obviously this decreed its immediate international success.

Another great icon of the exhibition is the Pratone longue chair designed by Ceretti, Derossi & Rosso. Like Bocca, it too represents a cornerstone of Gufram in representing an out-of-the-box furniture, not afraid to dare and make fun of conventions to create unique objects.

Also unmissable are the Cactus coat hanger, present here in the Metacactus version, the Magritta armchair, inspired by the famous painter Magritte, the Broken Square mirror and the Attica, Attica Tl and Capitello seating system, where a strong classical sculptural reference is perceived.

Together, these design objects give life to a unique suggestion, strong both for its simplicity and for the studied refinement of each piece.