De Padova and Paul Smith united by a collaboration
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De Padova and Paul Smith started an exceptional collaboration

When excellent craftsmanship and imaginative capacity meet, something unique and original can only be born. This is the case of De Padova and Paul Smith, united in 2022 by an exclusive collaboration which resulted in a living collection with a refined and extremely sober flavor, where curves and dynamisms are managed  to create an effect of unparalleled balance. The use of colors is also flawless, dosed in order to create a playful approach which the designer often boasts in his “classic with a twist” style.

Everyday Life is a collection where sofas, armchairs, poufs and assorted accessories are placed in order to create an organic space of great beauty. Textile fibers and leathers are used and interchanged here to create different sensations on multiple levels, further supported by a more than complete assortment of extremely high quality woods and materials.

Eco-friendly and craftsmanship are adjectives often referred to here in order to guide the creation of each piece and create a project where the attention to sustainability and functional aesthetics is strongly perceived.