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Hagit Pincovici and the 2018 novelties of Baxter

The Salone del Mobile 2018 brought a series of innovations for Baxter. Among the new releases we find the Pangea table, the result of the precious grafting of marble slabs interspersed with metal intersections and the Selene drawer linked with the homonymous table.
All these pieces of furniture have in common the skilful use of marble, the protagonist of each composition, the intersection with the chromed metal and the designer who designed them: Hagit Pincovici.

To her we owe the precise and unexpected forms, capable of uniting round and curved, broken and segmented with a lucidity out of the ordinary. Thanks to her, a table becomes the assemblage of mirrored volumes and a cupboard an eccentric diving suit even provided with portholes.

A truly unique style that marks the Baxter production as well as the collaboration with this talented designer.

Hagit Pincovici was born in Tel Aviv in an Israele family with experience in the artisan experimentation of materials. Her interest in design and production has then evolved over the years to develop a personal interpretation that leads her to work through the volumetry, creating harmonious compositions signed by her unique vision.