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MDF Italia – The novelties of the Salone del Mobile 2018

MDF Italia continues to amaze for the incredible ability to renew itself without ever losing its taste and style. The 2018 Salone del Mobile brought with it a wide range of new products that the company presented, giving yet another confirmation of the solidity of its work. A firm and decisive style, the one exposed, which did not fail to fascinate visitors.

Among the new 2018 proposals we can mention the Siena chairs by Simone Bonanni and the Aiku Soft, Flow Slim Color and Flow Chair Color by Jean Marie Massaud. The Super-Position bookcase recalls a very light superimposition of floors dominated by a minimalism of the shapes. Among the armchairs, Jean Marie Massaud’s Nail stands out with the Yale bed by the same author. Of great importance are the Axy tables by Claudio Bellini and the Tense Material Intarsia by Piergiorgio & Michele Cazzaniga, whose clear and linear forms lighten their structures to make them almost impalpable. The new Yale X sofa by Jean Marie Massaud closes the news.

A note of merit should be made to the Tense Material table, whose particular finish is made starting from the marble powder which, skilfully mixed with a binder, is laid out manually on the entire surface of the top. After careful polishing, an inlay is made that follows the dictates of the famous “surface line point” theory developed by Kandinsky, and finished with a special treatment of varnishing and natural wax.

No less valuable is the Axy table where the search for lightness is combined with the dynamic perception of the suspension. An essential architecture, where the original design of the two structural bridges, entirely made of aluminum, recomposes expressive tensions and lines of force in the field with expressive effectiveness.

The entire collection seems inspired by lightness and sobriety combined in order to guarantee an essential-looking furniture where material and materials are reduced to a minimum to guarantee the purest expression of themselves. The softness gives way to marked lines, clean and pure avulsion of unnecessary frills.