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Salvioni Lugano – The new window of via Pelli

Salvioni Lugano renews the exposition of the Via Pelli showroom thanks to the setting up of a new showcase dedicated to some of the most popular brands in the international design scene.

Catellani&Smith is hosted for the first time in Lugano with its floor, suspension and table lamps. The creations of this brand are characterized by the sophisticated search for lights and shadows, with interweaving of materials and finishes aimed at achieving the widest range of versatility and artistic beauty. A style based on the senses, perceptions and imagination that more than anything else characterizes the identity of its catalog.

Another prestigious addition is the Riva1920 brand, for the first time guest of the Via Pelli showroom, which is going to enrich the offer of this shop with furnishings of great value and quality.

At these new arrivals, the Lugano showroom combines old and prestigious parteners such as Flexform’s Newbridge sofa as well as an assorted range of B&B Italia and Cassina products, perfect for orchestrating the spirit and taste of Salvioni.

The new window is now visible in all its beauty from via Pelli, set up with colors and shades of almost autumnal taste, perfect to accompany the visitor’s gaze in the days of this autumn now immanent.