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Minotti has always been an excellence in the production of quality upholstery. Its armchairs, as well as the poufs and armchairs are examples of a refinement and elegance that are difficult to imitate. Known all over the world for its extreme variety of catalogs, Minotti has been able to bring Made in Italy into the most diversified homes and environments. The Minotti armchairs are distinguished by the presence of four legs or a four-spoke base with or without wheels. They can have armrests or come without, with high or low backrest depending on your preferences. The numerous finishes available for the upholstery range from leather to fabric without neglecting numerous innovative fibers aimed at preserving the environment. The design varies from classic to modern with hints of elegance for the most sophisticated living rooms. Colors and novelties are always a flagship of the company, capable of improving its style every year by taking its cue from the needs of everyday life.

Versions Minotti Albert & Ile Armchair

Albert & Ile Armchair Minotti Albert & Ile Armchair Luigi Radice

Versions Minotti Aston Armchair

Aston Armchair Minotti Aston Armchair Rodolfo Dordoni

Versions Minotti Aston Chaise Longue

Aston Chaise Longue Minotti Aston Chaise Longue Rodolfo Dordoni

Versions Minotti Capri Base Armchair

Capri Base Armchair Minotti Capri Base Armchair Gordon Guillaumier

Versions Minotti Colette Armchair

Colette Armchair Minotti Colette Armchair Rodolfo Dordoni

Versions Minotti Daiki Armchair

Daiki Armchair Minotti Daiki Armchair Marcio Kogan
Daiki Studio Armchair Minotti Daiki Studio Armchair Marcio Kogan

Versions Minotti Fil Noir Armchair

Fil Noir Armchair Minotti Fil Noir Armchair Christophe Delcourt
Fynn Armchair Minotti Fynn Armchair GamFratesi

Versions Minotti Jacques Armchair

Jacques Armchair Minotti Jacques Armchair Rodolfo Dordoni
Lawson Armchair Minotti Lawson Armchair Rodolfo Dordoni
Leslie Armchair Minotti Leslie Armchair Rodolfo Dordoni