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Paola Lenti paints the Salvioni Milano Durini terraces

Paola Lenti dresses the outdoor spaces of Salvioni Milano Durini with exclusive materials and colors.

The striking colors of the brand light up the terraces of the Milanese showroom, giving life to three precious variations of outdoor living with sparkling, unexpected and extremely high quality furniture.

On the first floor, shades of green stand out, inspired by Italian gardens. The generous Ombra umbrella houses the Harbor sofas, the Ami, Giunco ​​and Alba seats. On the second floor, Paola Lenti offers a glimpse of a typical city terrace, with light blues and intense blues to celebrate the assortment of Canvas sofas, Sciara tables and Bistro umbrellas.

On the top floor, the company has been able to create an ambivalent space, where interior and exterior intertwine, showing off furniture designed not only for the outdoors, but also for the intimacy of the home. Natural colors alternate linen and hemp fabrics, punctuated by hints of green. The terrace instead offers a marine allure, played on sand and blue tones enclosed in a small botanical park of fragrant plants.

With this setting, Paola Lenti interprets a taste that is not afraid to dare, while remaining faithful to itself and to the extreme quality that has made this company famous all over the world.