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RODA was founded in 1990 in Gavirate in the province of Varese from the intuition of its founder, Roberto Pompa, to create a 100% outdoor quality brand, characterized by an indoor taste. Since the early years, RODA was in fact the first company in the furnishings field beginning to think of designing collections that have the same cultural matrix of the interior, so close to the outdoor furnishings, to be able to interface harmonically with them. The crowning of this pioneering IN & OUT concept, which will then become the symbol of the company, is the partnership established in 2004 with the architect Rodolfo Dordoni from which was born the famous Network collection.Read more

Designed by

Antonino Sciortino

Antonino Sciortino
Antonino Sciortino (1962-), sculptor and designer, is known for his iron works made with thin "cooked iron" wires that make the material more easily malleable with ever new expressive purposes. Sciortino uses iron to create small stylized metal figurines, or he juxtaposes many filaments to form bases and backs of seats to which the chiaroscuro effects between light and shadow give a fascinating vitality, or again he gives life to minimalist and enigmatic creations in which the thread of cooked iron is arranged according to an apparently random logic. Born in Palermo, Sciortino is self-taught: he learned to work the material at an early age alongside his brother, a blacksmith by profession, and began his business with the opening of a creative laboratory in Milan only after forty years. In the midst of him he instead dedicated himself to his other great passion, dance, working as a choreographer and dancer in numerous television broadcasts. In addition to the limited edition one-of-a-kind pieces churned out by his atelier, Sciortino has also started mass productions that have entered the catalogs of some major Italian and international furniture brands, first of all Baxter. His creations also appear in the catalogs of brands such as Serax, La Cividina and Roda. Read more