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Salvioni Milano Durini | First Floor | Ancient Stone

Known for its dark colors and slightly smoky atmospheres, the Ancient Stone top now presents itself in a more airy and visually open guise although overall it has retained part of the taste and tones suited to an elegant and refined home. Once again the atmosphere is that of an apartment designed in the round, complete with Poliform kitchen and bedroom which leads to the main terrace of the building in via Durini, set up entirely with Unopiù outdoor products.

The suite is connected by a lounge area cut out between the different rooms to create space and ease of movement.

Ancient Stone’s style notes are the iconic bed by Ivano Redaelli and the minimalist desk by Living Divani, a duo that well represents the intimacy and concentration typical of the bedroom.

A cork paper by Roberto Molteni was placed behind the graphite-coloured Poliform kitchen, while in the hallway a gray boiserie by Fornace Brioni, the Acanti model from the Labirinto series, stands out, a scenic presence with a strong visual impact that goes well with the Oluce lamps selected for this plan.

Elegant and functional, the sleeping area has been enriched with wallpaper by Roberto Molteni, a sensorial element with extreme tactile impact.

The sensorial journey orchestrated by the collaboration between Baobab Collection and Salvioni manifests itself here thanks to the elegant Sand Atacama candles correlated by Totem diffusers.

Among the smoky notes of this space, the works of art proposed by the 6499Milano art and design hub stand out and are embodied here by the sculpture of Sabrina Ferrai, the painting by Paul Jenkins and the photography of Veronica Gaido, the key to an artistic perception that gives years Salvioni pursues to enrich its design spaces.