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Salvioni Milano Durini | Third Floor | Wavy Dunes

Light colors and neutral atmospheres intertwine in Wavy Dunes where the archetype of the modern house comes to life. Functional spaces and inspiring aesthetic research are the starting points of this floor dominated by an imposing Boffi kitchen which acts not only as a focal point, but also as a real visual attraction for the visitor. In the dining space opposite, the Baxter lounge table in travertine stands out, accompanied by comfortable chairs from the brand.

A practical lounge area, enriched by natural finishes, guides the gaze towards a first antoniolupi bathroom which is accompanied by a second one for the bedroom enriched by a precious Emmemobili boiserie and the iconic Kelly armchair by Poliform, whose presence warms and refine the environment.

Wavy Dunes is a particularly lively and habitable surface whose shades seem to tend towards green thanks to the precious combination of parquet and Wallpepper wallpapers which together create a fresh and calming nuance.

Overall, the precious lamps by Catellani&Smith, historic partner of Salvioni Design Solutions, and the Illulian carpets, a high-end brand in the production of yarns, stand out.

Between the two floors it is possible to visit the second terrace of the showroom in via Durini, set up for the occasion by the Unopiù brand, leader in the outdoor furniture sector.

The sensorial journey orchestrated by the collaboration between Baobab Collection and Salvioni manifests itself here thanks to the elegant Roseum candles correlated by Totem diffusers.

A particularly rich note of this plan is given by the collaboration between Salvioni and the 6499Milano art and design hub, the fruits of which can be seen thanks to the presence of numerous works of art arranged in the most fascinating views. Among the various works we mention the sculpture by Paola Romano, the painting by Meriem Delacroix, the painting by Stefano Festa and the sculpture by Vitalino Marchetto.