Wood Waves: percorso di un pensiero | Salvioni Milano Durini
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“Wood Waves: percorso di un pensiero” the new Salvioni Milano Durini installation

From the 16 th of October, the showroom Salvioni Milano Durini hosts “Wood Waves: percorso di un pensiero”, a site-specific project conceived by the versatile designer and artist Elena Salmistraro.

In this new space, the visitor is invited to enter an abstract and surreal dimension where shapes, colors and materials dominate the scene in a tangle of sensations. In the blue and purple of the background, the Orbis collection by Emmemobili® emerges, showing the Atlas table, the Roue bookcase and the Mirar sideboard, where philosophical concepts linked to nature and the sacred intertwine with a masterful use of raw materials such as wood and metal, fused with weaves and essences of great impact.

Upon entering, the visitor not only perceives the potential of a domestic environment, but a real way of looking at the world where art, design and sculpture merge, giving life to the new and unexpected. Large cuts and portals of metaphysical imprint made with brass-colored wooden panels, deliberately referring to the metal elements of the Emmemobili® collection,strongly interfering with the composition, producing glimpses of light that break the monotony, gaining the attention of the spectator.

On the walls, wood comes to life in the form of hybrid objects that cleverly mix light and three-dimensionality, creating totemic elements, full of quotes with a futuristic and somewhat retro taste. Even on the ceiling, light tubes with sinuous shapes produce chromatic incursions that modify the perception of space, in this case a living, understood in the most classic sense.

The exhibition can be freely visited inside the Salvioni Milano Durini showroom, where the visitor can enjoy the suggestion of the forms and also take advantage of the advice of an experienced team of interior designers available for any type of design or request.