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Sacco Goes Green, the exclusive Zanotta collection 100% eco-friendly

Zanotta’s iconic and unconventional Sacco armchair is 50 years old. Conceived in 1968 by the architects Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro, it represented at the time an authentic revolution of the domestic universe, capable of subverting the traditional patterns and the classic forms of Home Design with an unconventional project and absolutely projected towards the future.

Mindful of its historical and artistic importance, Zanotta decided to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of his work by presenting a completely green and numbered edition: innovative sustainable materials, both for the internal filling and for the covering, blend with an original pattern based on a design by Pierre Charpin, transporting the Sacco from 1968 to 2000 with a view to environmental responsibility.

The high-strength expanded polystyrene pellets (EPS) of the original design have been replaced with Synbra’s BioFoam® microspheres: a bioplastic (PLA) made from sugar cane comparable to EPS in terms of structure, properties and technical performance, but totally biodegradable and composted.

The inner casing and the cladding are in ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon thread, made entirely from fishing nets collected from the seabed, scraps of fabric and industrial plastic, transformed into a new thread with the same performance as the oil-based nylon.

The exclusive SACCO GOES GREEN collection consists of three series of 100 specimens that differ in the pattern designed by Pierre Charpin, inspired by the concept of “net” to create colorful weaves and color variations.

This new collection represents an important step for Zanotta towards eco-sustainability, which for a long time started towards a path of awareness on environmental issues that characterize the current geopolitical landscape of the world.

The number 33 of this very limited series of 100 pieces will soon be displayed in Salvioni showrooms together with many other elements that have always characterized the style and uniqueness of the Zanotta brand.