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Salvioni is Edra official dealer

Edra, an eclectic Tuscan brand specialized in the manufacture of sofas and other upholstered furniture, is famous worldwide for the peculiar mix of imaginative flair and sophisticated elegance that characterizes its lounges. Contrary to the work of many other companies with eccentric and original products, Edra bases her work on an in-depth study of materials, which often lasts several years and in some cases also leads to the license of innovative technical solutions designed to obtain maximum comfort. This is the case of the exclusive padding in Gellyfoam®, an innovative polyurethane foam that makes the seat particularly welcoming.

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Versions Edra Cicladi Coffee Table

Edra Cicladi Coffee Table Edra Cicladi Coffee Table Jacopo Foggini 

Versions Edra Cipria Sofa

Edra Cipria Sofa Edra Cipria Sofa Fernando & Humberto Campana 

Versions Edra Ella Chair

Edra Ella Chair Edra Ella Chair Jacopo Foggini 

Versions Edra Favela Armchair

Edra Favela Armchair Edra Favela Armchair Fernando & Humberto Campana 

Versions Edra Getsuen Armchair

Edra Getsuen Armchair Edra Getsuen Armchair Masanori Umeda 

Versions Edra Ines Floor Lamp

Edra Ines Floor Lamp Edra Ines Floor Lamp Jacopo Foggini 

Versions Edra Margherita Armchair

Edra Margherita Armchair Edra Margherita Armchair Jacopo Foggini 

Versions Edra On The Rocks Sofa

Edra On The Rocks Sofa Edra On The Rocks Sofa Francesco Binfaré 

Versions Edra Pack Sofa

Edra Pack Sofa Edra Pack Sofa Francesco Binfaré 

Versions Edra Rose Chair

Edra Rose Chair Edra Rose Chair Masanori Umeda 

Versions Edra Scrigno Sideboard

Edra Scrigno Sideboard Edra Scrigno Sideboard Fernando & Humberto Campana 

Versions Edra Soshun Stool

Edra Soshun Stool Edra Soshun Stool Masanori Umeda 

Edra Sofas

Born in Tuscany in 1987, Edra is inspired by the decennial artisan experience of the Mazzei family, one of the great historical dynasties of Italian design. It was founded in Perignano by Valerio and Monica Mazzei, together with his brother Roberto, and has surprised since its first Salone del Mobile with the creation of unique and unmistakable sofas, very different from traditional Italian production, yet an expression of a peculiar form of luxury.

Among the Edra sofas one of the most famous is the Standard sofa, by Francesco Binfarè, designed in the sign of comfort and characterized by a cushions that can be modeled at will. Other famous models designed by Binfarè are the On The Rocks sofa, with expressive and sculptural forms, the dynamic Flap sofa and the very comfortable Grande Soffice sofa. Particularly original is the Pack sofa, whose backrest is made up of a large polar teddy bear.

Even more eclectic are the creations of the Brazilians Fernando and Humberto Campana, such as the Cipria and Boa sofas and the Favela and Vermelha armchairs. Among the Edra armchairs, Masanori Umeda’s floral inventions stand out, such as the Rose Chair and the Getsuen armchair. Another brand icon is the spiral-shaped Talin sofa by Mario Cananzi and Roberto Semprini, designed in 1988 and still among the brand’s bestsellers.

Edra production includes the various rooms of the house with beds, chairs, sideboards, tables and various accessories. In these areas stand out the Scrigno storage unit by the Campana brothers, with a multifaceted mirroring surface, and the original seats by the artist Jacopo Foggini, such as the Gina chair or the Ella armchair.

Edra Design

Edra has always stood out for the originality and consistency of its expressive path, often working exclusively with some of the greatest names in international design. Its first artistic director was Massimo Morozzi, animator of the Archizoom group, but Francesco Binfarè, previously a historical director of the Cassina Research Center, also left a strong impact on the brand’s aesthetics. Other important names for Edra’s history are those of Fernando and Humberto Campana, Jacopo Foggini and Masanori Umeda.

Edra official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official Edra dealer. With stores in Milan, Inverigo and Lugano, the Salvioni group proposes itself as a unique hub where all the major excellences of Made in Italy in the field of furniture are gathered, where a team of expert interior designers is at the customer’s complete disposal for the realization of complete and coordinated projects.