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Fuorisalone 2024 – The novelties of the showroom Salvioni Milano Durini

On the Milano Design Week 2024, Salvioni Design Solutions presents a completely renovated showroom where the protagonists are once again design and the study of new solutions for an increasingly demanding world full of creative possibilities.

Having abandoned the gaudy 2023 shades, Salvioni Milano Durini wears more neutral and delicate shades with “Design Shades | A Celebration of White”, a personal project where the nuances of white take center stage in the always impeccable selection of high-end furniture brands offered by the Salvioni network. The Milanese showroom and its exhibition floors act as a backdrop to an ideal representation of living spaces with profoundly different tastes and tones. A hymn to diversity and the freedom to choose what you like and represents you most.

The peculiar choice to divert the bright colors of the walls towards lighter shades was born from the precise intention of creating a balance between furniture and space, borders and structures, giving more visibility to the content and stylistic merits that characterize it.

Also this year, the numerous collaborations with international design brands stand out to orchestrate unique and extremely suggestive installations. The great return of Schiffini, a historic signature in the production of kitchens, shines in the showcase and for this MDW2024 presents itself in a completely new light. Thanks to the tribute of the historic “Cinqueterre” kitchen by Vico Magistretti, the brand reworks its concept of inspiration through the gaze of creative director Toan Nguyen. New materials and shapes, as well as a renewed functional restyling, give this product a completely new flavour, perfect for Milanese shop windows. The Magistretti 03 01 chairs in the dining area by Gebruder Thonet Vienna represent a note of style.

Another major player in this Fuorisalone 2024 is Unopiù, a prestigious outdoor furniture brand, which for the occasion has set up the three external terraces of the concept store, creating for each one a particular dialogue among colours, materials and furnishings.

The showroom’s lighting design was taken care of down to the smallest detail and entrusted to the best brands in the sector to fully enhance each environment. Catellani&Smith‘s skilful stylistic touch shines on the “Natural Wool” (2nd floor) and “Wavy Dunes” (3rd floor) floors; Oluce revives the “Vanilla Shades” (ground floor) and “Ancient Stone” (1st floor) floors, while Tato enhances the special shades of “Sandy Land” (4th floor). News and catalog cornerstones alternate themselves to create the ideal atmospheres reconciling not only the concept of each environment but also the shades and, above all, the materials used. The result is an inseparable partnership, which once again highlights the precious link between light and furniture, colors and functionality and more.

Another novelty for 2024 is the particular importance that Salvioni has given to the theme of soft decoration, the cornerstone of a 360° design that involves not only the furniture but also the space that encloses it; and textiles, an indispensable complement to any environment. The multi-year partnership with Roberto Molteni is the embodiment of this intent, emphasized by the numerous wallpapers, textile accessories and the exclusive sartorial collection of “Erre” linens proposed for all exhibition floors.

But this year there are many collaborations: WallPepper®/Group enriches the “Wavy Dunes” floor (3rd floor) with lively and imaginative wallpaper which has been combined in the sleeping area with precious boiserie by Emmemobili. Fornace Brioni stands out for its terracotta panels on the “Ancient Stone” floor (1st floor).

On the “Natural Wool” floor (2nd floor) there is a boiserie from the Giacobazzi brand, protagonist also of the “Sweet Caramel” floor (floor -1). On the ground floor, it is possible to see two marble walls from the Monolite company.

The precious carpets of the Illulian brand enrich the “Wavy Dunes” (3rd floor) and “Natural Wool” (2nd floor) floors, where it is also possible to admire a precious display case set up with the exclusive “Wunderkammer Lladrò” exhibition, divided into the Guest series by Jaime Hayon, Fluidity and many others plus the Nightbloom lamps by Marcel Wanders on the “Sweet Caramel” floor (floor -1).

As always, Salvioni encourages the close association between art and design by hosting numerous works by contemporary artists’ works promoted by the 6499Milano art and design hub within its concept store, which enrich the spaces of the showroom, creating unique suggestions and atmospheres. A final precious creative impulse is given by the introduction of some vintage elements provided by the Spazio RT Gallery.

Finally yet importantly, this year Salvioni had the pleasure of involving in the stylistic research carried out in its project for the Fuorisalone 2024 a selection of room fragrances proposed by the Baobab Collection brand, specialized in Scented Decor. A refined bouquet of fragrances has been designed to emphasize the sensations and the sensorial point of view orchestrated in each exhibition floor to make the visit unique and unrepeatable from every point of view, including the olfactory one.