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Salvioni Milano Durini | Fourth Floor | Sandy Land

This space was born as a hypothetical master bedroom, identified by the presence of a sloping ceiling whose shape creates a peculiar “cappuccino effect”. The colors of the walls and flooring of Sandy Land are particularly light and airy with a touch of graphic black deliberately chosen to create optical contrasts that better capture the light and reflect the glow in a fresh and relaxing gradient.

However, the true protagonist of this space is the sleeping area dominated by the Gregory bed by Flexform and flanked by a spacious walk-in wardrobe, ideal for those who love to dress in the name of comfort. In this beauty space, the Set Up chest of drawers by Poliform stands out, chosen in its darker shades to give a distinctive touch to the room.

On the opposite side we have a small living room furnished with the Saint-Germain sofa by Poliform and the Pacha armchairs by Gubi.

A large service corridor allows access to the two antoniolupi bathrooms, one more minimal and the other equipped with all comforts. The lighting was entrusted to Tato, a refined and retro brand dedicated to the re-edition of lamps by some of the great Milanese architects of the twentieth century such as Gio Ponti and Ignazio Gardella.

The precious contribution of Roberto Molteni wallpapers emerges in three distinct material configurations in the living room, hallway and bedroom and then explodes in an authentic riot of colors in the two bathrooms on the floor, creating a clear contrast of tones.

Sandy Land presents the last, but no less fascinating, access to the terraces of the building in via Durini from which it is possible to admire a small glimpse of the Milanese metropolis. The furnishings of this space are curated by Unopiù, a brand of excellence in the production of outdoor furniture.

The sensorial journey orchestrated by the collaboration between Baobab Collection and Salvioni manifests itself here thanks to the elegant Pearls Black candles correlated by Totem diffusers.

Elegant and romantic, this plan has found a further note of merit in the collaboration with the art and design hub 6499Milano thanks to the introduction of numerous works by prominent artists including Pablo Picasso with his engraving Senza titolo (1968) and Jacopo Mandich with his sculpture. The paintings by Paola Romano and Giuseppe Amadio are also suggestive.